Taylor Swift Without Makeup is Still Undeniably Beautiful

Taylor Swift is known not just for her angelic voice, but also for being one of the prettiest faces in the business. This is also why it is easy for her to get one boyfriend after breaking up with another. Her lovely facial features coupled with her wholesome image are definitely a killer for men. Taylor Swift without makeup still looks great. She might appear with full makeup on all the time, but behind the makeup is still an amazing face.

For sure, you would give anything up just to say you woke up like this. Taylor is perhaps one of the very few people who can say she woke up with this stunning face.

This was taken in 2008 when she was still starting in the business. She looked amazing even before.

She only wore lipstick and minimal makeup on this casual look, and she still looks great. This is a proof that Taylor can do no wrong.

It is great to be reminded at times that Taylor is just a simple country girl who became a big star because of her sheer talent.

This is how Taylor appears publicly in recent years. She usually has full make up on, but she always goes for a more natural look.

It is always great looking back at the times when Taylor was just starting in the business. She really looked fresh and simple.

Even with full make up on, Taylor usually strives for a more natural look. Recently, she tried darker shades and it gave us a different Taylor.

For someone who is as naturally beautiful as Taylor, this exaggerated eyeshadow is a bit over the top, and just doesn’t suit her.

Regardless of her makeup choice or hairstyle, Taylor always looks great. She has the kind of beauty that is hard to ignore.

There was a time when she tried a rocker chick look. This was during the Bad Blood era. It was great for a while, but it is just not her.